Sexual intimacy can play an important role in happiness.

How often do the happiest couples get intimate?

Physical intimacy may not be the key to a happy, balanced romantic relationship, but it certainly doesn't hurt! After all, a diminished sexual libido can have as much to do with your sense of emotional connectivity as it may with vaginal dryness and other frustrating symptoms. With that in mind, Cosmopolitan recently shared the results of various surveys about sexual activity among self-proclaimed "happy" couples, as compiled by the happiness experts at

According to the source, the most contented couples get physically intimate between two to three times a week, and engaging in a weekly tryst between the sheets was also associated with higher levels of satisfaction within a relationship.

"These correlations don't necessarily prove that sex is making them more blissful. It may be that happy people and satisfied couples just get it on more often. But either way, it confirms the general belief that a good mood and a good orgasm often go hand in hand," the source states.

Of course, no one can dictate what goes on between you and your significant other behind closed doors, but given the myriad benefits of physical intimacy for your relationship and overall health, it never hurts to find more time for your favorite sex aids and natural massage oil. If spontaneity just doesn't suit your lifestyle, scheduling some alone time a few days a week may be the best way to help you and your loved one feel more in tune with one another.

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