Embrace your vulnerability when kissing your partner.

How a viral video of strangers kissing can help you see your partner with new eyes

Viral videos come and go, but one stunning piece from filmmaker Tatia Pilieva has truly had an impact. The Los Angeles artist recruited 20 strangers to take part in her short film, "First Kiss." Participants were partnered off and asked to engage in some mouth-to-mouth moments after meeting. Though it has since been revealed that the piece was commissioned by the clothing company Wren, it captures the exquisite awkwardness and intimacy of these encounters in a way that could change how you approach sexual intimacy.

"It sounds like it might be kind of weird and creepy to watch…but it's actually really moving to see the kissers go from making awkward introductions to looking into each other's eyes or touching each other for the first time to inevitably leaning in and kissing each other," Women's Health Magazine wrote of the video. 

So what is so heart-warming about these series of interactions? For many women, this film may transport them back to their last, or favorite, first kiss. It also reinforces just how vulnerable we all are in the moment right before locking lips. For all of the talk about warming lubricants and sexual positions, is there any anticipation that can match the build-up to a first kiss? Though you may not quite be able to capture that lightning in a botle, take this video as a reminder of how special kissing your partner truly is! 

Research has shown that kissing your partner more often is a hallmark of happier couples. Just make sure that this act doesn't become a perfunctory one. Just as trying out new positions or sex aids can ramp up your time between the sheets, look for ways to change up your kissing style! Alternate between sweet pecks and sensual make-out sessions to remind your partner, and yourself, how downright fun kissing can be.

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