Sex is a good way to overcome World Cup-related sadness.

Government group recommends sex to overcome soccer loss shock

Even if you are not the biggest sports fan around, you likely have even a passing knowledge of what is happening in the World Cup. This is one of the rare times where the international community can come together to celebrate the biggest sporting event in the world, cheering on their respective countries in a showing of healthy competition. In nations such as England – where soccer is taken very seriously – the World Cup can become an intensely personal and disruptive time.

Citizens of England were shocked and horrified after their country's team was eliminated from the tournament after finishing at the bottom of Group D, finishing behind Costa Rica, Uruguay and Italy. The team returned to England at the beginning of this week, being met with total apathy by the people who had previously been cheering them on. Since England is no longer competing in the World Cup, many soccer fans have been left wondering how to overcome the loss and spend their time.

The Men's Health Forum, which is funded by the British government, released a statement with different things dejected soccer fans can try in order to help overcome any sadness they might be feeling. Included in the list from the organization was exercise, singing, getting a change of scenery, participating in an activity you enjoy or having sex. They said citizens should avoid doing any self-destructive behavior like eating junk food and drinking and instead opt for more physically healthy activities.

Even if you are not a soccer fan, you don't need a real reason to enjoy some time between the sheets. If you are getting intimate with your partner – whether to mourn the loss of your soccer team or just because you are in the mood – be sure to try a sexual lubricant from Blossom Organics!

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