Here are a few tips for jump starting your sex life.

Does your sex life need a jump start?

No matter how long you have been in your relationship, or how deeply you care about the other person, it is likely that your sex life will ebb and flow. While there will be a number of factors that are out of your control – your work schedules, kids' activities, other responsibilities – there are plenty that will be entirely within your grasp. If you are concerned that you and your significant other are not getting busy in the sheets nearly enough, there are plenty of ways you can rectify the situation.

Here are a few tips for jump staring your sex life:

  • Have a better attitude: Even if you are really stressed out at work, don't bring that negative attitude home. Try your best to cultivate an atmosphere of happiness around the house, as being too negative or too down will start to hamper your sex life.
  • You don't make time: While you are busy doing other things, it is so important to carve out time during the week to have sex. Even if you don't think scheduling your time in bed is the sexiest thing you can do, it will help you to have  a time when you two can just be together without worrying about other responsibilities.
  • You don't try new moves: If you have been with your spouse for years, you know what positions and techniques they prefer. But just because those triggers exist doesn't mean you should limit your sexual repertoire – always be open to new moves and styles to really shake things up in the bedroom.

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