Your parents can affect how you relate to your partner.

Do your parents play a role in your current relationship?

Clear communication, trust and respect are crucial in any strong relationship, and to achieve this level of connection takes more than physical chemistry. You have to be as mindful of your own emotional strengths and limitations as you are of your partner's. Recently, Women's Health magazine touched on one important factor that can significantly impact how you relate to your partner: Your parents.

No, revisiting your parents' relationship certainly isn't a sexy subject, but since emotional and physical intimacy are so inexorably intertwined, exploring some of the root causes behind your behavior both in and out of the bedroom is essential for a healthy, happy romantic life.

Whether you've deliberately made choices to stop yourself from becoming your mother, or have been happy to follow in her footsteps, chances are both of your parents are still influencing your daily decisions, unconsciously or otherwise. While our upbringing doesn't completely define who we are, there is no denying that our family has a substantial impact on how we see the world and our place in it.

In the context of romantic relationships, this can affect the type of partner you seek out and what ultimately fulfills you about the relationship. The source notes that you may be drawn to more authoritative figures if your father was more dominant. Conversely, if you are often a pillar of strength for your parents, you may also wish to play that role for your significant other. In addition, the source notes that men and women who come from highly critical families are also more likely to be harsher on their partners.

Understanding the factors that influence your relationship can go a long way toward ensuring you and your significant other get the love and support you need. If something seems to be missing from the bedroom, for example, your emotional fulfillment could be just as responsible as your libido.

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