What are the sexual fantasies you want to try out in real life?

Do you want to see your sexual fantasies come true?

Whether we express them to another person or not, we all have sexual fantasies that we think about from time to time. Be honest — isn't there something you would love to try with your partner in bed that you keep to yourself? According to a new survey conducted on nearly 1,600 adults in Canada found that men and women vary with their sexual fantasies, including everything from who is involved in the act to what the people do together and whether or not they want to see what they are thinking about happen in real life.

According to the survey, women are much more likely to fantasize about being in a submissive role to their partner, who are generally included in the thought itself. The research also found that men are much more likely to picture themselves with somebody who is not their wife, as extramarital affairs are common in male sexual desires. The presence of a significant other are much more prevalent among women, though this is certainly not the case for every individual person.

The majority of women also expressed reluctance when asked whether or not they would like these secret desires to come to fruition in real life. While women are happy to keep these thoughts to themselves, men are more likely to want their fantasies to happen in real life, no matter how strange they might be. This also has to do with the content of the fantasies themselves, as women are able to separate the thoughts of submission from how they actually want to be treated by their partners.

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