Battling sexual insecurities? Give yourself a pre-sex pep talk.

Could you benefit from a pre-sex pep talk?

We all have our sexual hang ups, whether we feel insecure about a specific body part or just don't think we're fully satisfying our partners. However, if these little insecurities are actively keeping you from making the most of your personal lubricants and enjoying this intimate time, then an intervention may be in order.

No, we are not talking about a room full of loved ones cornering you to express their concerns about your sexual health. This is a one-man operation, and the instigator should be you. Recently, Women's Health Magazine reported that a pre-sex pep talk could make a world of difference when your doubts start to infringe upon your pleasure. So, as you head to the bathroom or bedside table to seek out your favorite sex aids, take a moment to look at yourself and recognize that no perceived physical flaw can take away from your sexual allure. 

"When you do this, you can actually pave new pathways in the brain and train yourself to shift away from negative thinking," sex specialist Patti Britton, Ph.D., M.P.H, told the source.

Yes, you may feel a bit silly the first time you try this technique, but really, if it helps you gain a bit of confidence right before things get hot and heavy, what have you got to lose? Simply slip on the undergarments that make you feel fantastic (we all have a pair) and bask in your own glory before treating your partner to the time of his life!

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