Cutting down on clutter may improve things in the bedroom

Can too much clutter affect your libido?

We all go through dry spells, and the root causes behind them are varied. You may be struggling with vaginal dryness, or feel emotionally disconnected from your partner, for example. Sometimes you may just not feel like getting frisky, and that's ok. However, if you're struggling to get out of a slump, you have to understand what could be putting you there before you can make a positive change.

While some issues in the bedroom can be quickly resolved with a few sex aids, others may take a bit more reflection. Women's Day recently discussed another possible hindrance that, once identified, is incredibly easy to address: Clutter.

You may not think the state of your home carries too much weight when it comes to getting intimate, but lifestyle expert Dana Korey argues otherwise. For a new relationship, excessive clutter can be an immediate turn off.

"If a space is messy, it may make a potential partner wonder what else is a mess in the resident's life," Korey told the source. Meanwhile, established pairs can still be affected by a shambolic living space. "Your mind is screaming, 'Do laundry/pay bills/finish projects,'" she added.

No one is saying your home has to be spotless in order to set the mood. After all, obsessive attention to cleanliness can send its own somewhat off-putting signals, and for many women, frankly, it just isn't realistic. However, if you've noticed that no amount of seductive hints or aphrodisiac-laden meals seems to get the fire going, give your abode a once-over and ask yourself, "How do I feel in this space? How does my partner feel?"

You could well find that even a moderate bit of tidying can relieve some of the clutter in your own head, freeing you and your loved one to simply enjoy one another. 

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