A recent report found that couples who share housework have better sex lives.

Can sharing housework lead to better sex?

In February of this year, the New York Times ran a piece about the state of American marriages that many considered factually inaccurate and controversial. In it, the writer asserted that more equal marriages – the ones where both partners share all of the responsibilities equally – often lead to less frequent and unsatisfying sex. The article was roundly decried, and now new research has come out that debunks the myth entirely.

Cornell Professor Sharon Sassler and the Council of Contemporary Families wrote a brief saying that the statistics in the New York Times piece from February were from the 1980s, and the decades-old information was no longer relevant to look at. Instead, in their work, Sassler and her colleagues looked at the more recent information available, from 2006, and came up with an entirely new set of conclusions.

"Couples who shared domestic labor had sex at least as often, and were at least as satisfied with the frequency and quality of their sex, as couples where the woman did the bulk of the housework," Sassler wrote in her findings. "In fact, these egalitarian partners were ranked slightly higher in all these categories, reporting more frequent sex and greater satisfaction with the frequency and quality of that sex than conventional couples."

Sassler's research was backed up by a report that was published in the journal Sex Roles that was published in April 2014. Wives who had to do less housework because their husbands were picking up the slack reported higher levels of marital satisfaction, both in and out of the bedroom.

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