Budgeting time for the bedroom may be your best option for a happy sex life.

Can scheduled sex still be exciting?

As much as we may hate to admit it, we are all pretty busy people. As much as we would love to be spontaneous – particularly when it comes to sexual intimacy – sometimes it just isn't possible to do so. With that in mind, mapping out a bit of time to get frisky could actually be the best thing for your physical relationship.

"Americans have intercourse an average of a bit more than once a week […] but it's quality, not quantity that counts," sex expert and author Joel Block, Ph.D., told Woman's Day Magazine in a piece on crucial conversations with your partner. 

That's not to say that you can't pounce on your significant other when the mood strikes, but if you know that your schedule is packed tightly as it is, making sure to budget time in the bedroom may be necessary to keep the spark alive. Plus, you can make a real event of it by introducing a host of scintillating products like arousal gel, female lubricant and even that sex toy you've been considering for a while now.

Even (or especially) if you and your partner only get together once or twice a week for some undercover loving, you can both be left completely satisfied with your sex life if you really focus on the act itself. Impromptu quickies are great, after all, but taking time to devote entirely to your loved one's satisfaction will make up for any dry spells within the week.

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