Does finger size matter when it comes to being faithful?

Can finger length determine faithfulness?

When it comes to being in a long-term relationship, there are plenty of ways to keep you and your significant other happy. One of the best ways to stay together is to remain faithful to that one person and not stray outside of the relationship for physical intimacy. But, the science of adultery might be a bit more complicated than we currently realize.

In order to find out how people view sex and habits in the bedroom with a significant other, psychologists surveyed nearly 600 North American and British people in order to find out whether or not they would ever cheat on their significant other. The researchers then photocopied the right hands of those who participated in the study.

What the psychologists found was that there is a strong correlation between people with long ring fingers and those who would, or have, cheated on their significant other. Those with long ring fingers are more inclined to be sexually promiscuous, as the length of the finger indicates exposure to higher levels of testosterone while in the womb.

What the researchers also found was that men are more likely to stray outside of their relationship than women. Nearly 60 percent of those who responded said they preferred short-term mating, while only 47 percent of women do. Men are also more likely to have ring fingers longer than their index fingers as they have more testosterone before and after birth than females.

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