Breaking the sexual ice with a new partner can often be a little awkward.

Breaking the sexual ice with a new romantic partner

When things are just starting to get serious with a new partner, it's normal to encounter a little bit of awkwardness as you attempt to break the sexual ice. While many people are comfortable holding off on the sexual intimacy, there are others who are ready to get things going in the early stages of a relationship. 

"Sexual intimacy is a slow burning passion that can include a variety of activities, such as caressing, kissing, massaging, oral pleasure or sexual positions while eye-gazing with one hand on each other's heart," Dr. Ava Cadell, a world-renowned love guru and president of The American College of Sexologists International, tells Huffington Post contributor Kelly Rouba. "This is a synchronized energetic exchange that results in deeper intimacy with a heart and soul connection."

So, what can you do if you're trying to heat things up in the bedroom without making it seem too obvious? Rouba offers the following tips, courtesy of relationship coach and author L. Joan Allen: 

  • Create a romantic mood by lighting candles and serving aphrodisiacs 
  • If you're feeling bold, come right out and tell him to kiss you 
  • Increase non-sexual physical contact, such as lightly rubbing his back
  • Initiate flirtatious banter that may lead the conversation in a more sexual direction 
  • Wear a low-cut dress that shows off a little more skin than normal. 

Another way to get things moving in a more intimate direction is to give him a sensual massage using natural massage oil from Blossom Organics. Then, once your sex life really gets going, you can rely on our warming lubricant to truly heat things up! 

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