Confidence is a turn on, so make sure you have it in spades!

Boost your confidence to boost your libido

Many women report feeling less than satisfied—or fear they're less than satisfying—between the sheets. Sometimes these feelings coincide with increased stress due to external factors such as a hectic job or tight finances, but just as often it's the result of letting yourself fall into a rut. If you've been feeling a little lackluster in the love department lately, here are three ways you can up your confidence level in order to bring a little magic back into the bedroom.

1. Be Fit: The first step to having a healthy sex life is having a healthy life. Eating well and participating in regular physical fitness is an essential part of being a healthy human being, and you'll feel good about yourself when you do it. Feeling good will increase your confidence—both inside and outside the bedroom. And that will help you look and feel much sexier.

2. Be Adventurous: You don't have to get too wild in order to shake things up a bit (but if you're so inclined, please don't let that stop you). Adding a little adventure to your love life can be as simple as engaging in a hot makeout session in a public place, such as the local beach or movie theater, or as daring as suggesting a new sex toy to incorporate into your foreplay. The idea is to push you past your comfort zone so that you can explore something new and (hopefully) exciting.

3. Be Prepared: If you and your mate are getting hot and heavy, nothing cools it off faster than having to stop and 'set up shop,' so to speak. Make sure you have your female lubricant, condoms and other intimate items within easy reach of where the action's likely to happen. Some couples keep a drawer in their bedroom nightstand for this purpose. If you know you have everything you need, you won't hesitate when the moment strikes.

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