Amy Poehler has offered her own sex insights in her new book.

Amy Poehler offers sex tips in her new book

Actress Amy Poehler, perhaps best known for her performances on the late night sketch show "Saturday Night Live" and the NBC sitcom "Parks and Recreation" has a new memoir that was released earlier this week, covering her personal and professional lives in hilariously candid detail. While on a press tour to promote the book, Poehler offered her own insights into what can make sex so much fun, and had tips to offer people who might be interested.

While speaking on The Howard Stern Show, Poehler said that the main thing to remember about being in the bedroom is that your activities are supposed to be fun, and not to put too much pressure on yourself. If you relax and just be physically present with the person you are with, the experience will be wonderful and satisfying.

"I think you enjoy it, and you have fun," Poehler told Stern. "You're openminded, and you feel good about yourself. There's not a lot of shame or judgment in any of it."

Being a comedian, Poehler said that a sense of humor is very important to her. While speaking about her past experiences in the bedroom, while also giving general advice to listeners and readers, Poehler talked about how important it is to be able to laugh with your significant other, no matter what the circumstances. Nothing can kill the mood faster than somebody taking every moment far too seriously, as it drains the joy out of the moment almost completely.

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