Here are a few ways you can make your wedding night memorable.

3 ways to make your wedding night memorable

After the guests have left the reception and you are able to slip out of your fancy, and likely uncomfortable, clothes, you will be able to spend some time just with you and your significant other. For most people, the wedding day is such a blur that they don't even have time to really process everything that is going on until long after it has ended, when it's you and your partner in bed together. Although this is likely not the first time you have been intimate, the circumstances have changed, which leads many people to put pressure on themselves for the big night.

"Today, there seems to be more pressure to make this night amazing and to do something that's 'wow'—perhaps because many people live together before getting married," sex therapist Dr. Ava Cadell tells Bridal Guide. "But you don't have to make a big production for it to be a wonderful time. There are a lot of little things that couples can do."

Here are a few ways you can make your wedding night as memorable as possible:

  • Flirt with each other: Before you two jump between the sheets, it is important that you let each other know how much you care about the other person. This can be done through small looks or touches throughout the night – even during the reception while attending to guests.
  • Use the right music: You can instantly set the mood by having romantic music playing in the background in your room. This will allow you to create a romantic atmosphere that you can enjoy throughout the entire night.
  • Wear something sexy: Even after a long day, you should make the effort to be as attractive for each other as possible. You can do this by investing in some new lingerie.

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