Here are a few ways to create a sexy bedroom.

3 ways to make your bedroom sexier

If you are looking to spice things up in the bedroom, you need to create the right atmosphere for you and your significant other. Bedrooms can often become piled up with everyday items, such as the laundry or the kids' toys, which can effectively kill the mood.

While your bedroom does need to function as a practical place in the home, it should also be a sanctuary for you and your partner. If you want to have fun nights together in bed, your room needs to reflect that purpose. Making a few changes can help you out!

Here are some ways to make your bedroom sexier:

  • Check the thermostat: One of the first things you should do is make sure that your room is at an ideal temperature. You don't want things to be too hot and sweaty, as this can be uncomfortable, and a too-cold temperature will take you out of the moment. Between 68 and 70 degrees is ideal.
  • Clean the sheets: You don't want to get down to business on sheets that have not been washed in three weeks. If they are clean and smell good, it will make the experience more enjoyable. Change your bedding before starting.
  • Television can help: While you might think that a TV would be distracting, the truth is that having one in the bedroom can help. You two can get into the mood by watching a romantic movie together.

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