Maintaining a healthy sex life is important, no matter how busy you are.

3 ways to maintain a sex life while busy

These days, it can often feel as if we are busier than ever. Aside from jobs and spending time with friends and family, there are a myriad of things that demand our attention on a regular basis – everything from spending time at the gym to binge-watching the latest show from Netflix. It's no wonder that we are often so tired after running around, but this can have a detrimental impact on one important area – our sex lives. Even the most heavily-scheduled people need to make time for sex.

Here are a few tips for fitting in a little lovemaking into your over scheduled life:

  • Remain relaxed: When you two are together, stop feeling any pressure to make the entire night perfect. Simply enjoy being in each other's company without focusing on any of the other stresses in your life. Having the right frame of mind will improve the whole thing!
  • Schedule time: Although this might not sound too romantic, you need to make sure that you have time for your partner! Setting aside some time in your day – even if it is only 30 minutes – will allow you to fully devote your attention to the act without worrying about anything else.
  • Talk while apart: Throughout the day, you should send your significant other little reminders that you are thinking about them. A quick text or phone call during the day can go a very long way in letting the person know you are thinking about them, which can translate well later on at home.

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