Here are a few ways you can bring vacation sex to your home.

3 ways to have vacation-style sex at home

There's a reason that we all love vacations. Aside from getting away from work and the stresses of daily life, vacations let us unwind and be truly content and relaxed for an extended period of time. This is especially important for parents, who might not have the time to physically connect with their significant other with children always running around the house and dominating the schedule. Vacations are a great time to have better sex – you can be open and take your time and truly be present in the moment with the other person.

Here are a few ways you can bring that vacation-style sex to your everyday life:

  • Look to the past: If there is a particular memory that you can look back upon for inspiration, be sure to use it! Think back to what made the moment so special and see how you can recreate the magic once again. Whether it was because of a night or what time of the day it was, you can use it to fuel things now.
  • Minimize the distractions: The great thing about vacations is how there is nothing around you to provide unnecessary and irritating distraction. You can imitate this by clearing the electronics out of your bedroom and setting up boundaries about doing work at home. This way, your time and attention will be focused on your significant other.
  • Take a day off: Use a sick day or some vacation hours to play hooky and spend the day in bed with your partner. An empty house and nothing on the schedule is the best way to really get into a vacation sex mind space.

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