Here are a few tips for having sex when you have roommates.

3 ways to have sex without disturbing your roommates

There are many years in your life when you will live with other people. Even after moving out of you parents' house, there will be college roommates, and then those you choose to share an apartment with after you graduate. While having a roommate is a wonderful way to reduce your monthly expenses, it can often be difficult to have a full and active sex life without disturbing the other person. It can be awkward to talk about your bedroom activities with somebody else, it is best to set some guidelines to ensure your sex life isn't negatively impacted.

Here are a few ways to have sex when living with roommates:

  • Don't let them hang around: If you are not going to be in your apartment later that night or the next day, make sure that the person you were in bed with is gone too. It would be an invasion of privacy to allow somebody your roommate doesn't know well to be in their living space when you are not there.
  • Keep it to your bedroom: You should never have sex in areas of the apartment that everybody shares, such as the living room or kitchen. Make sure that you keep everything you do restricted to your personal space.
  • Talk about it: The best way to deal with this situation is just be upfront and talk it out. That way, if you plan on bringing somebody back for the night, your roommate knows in advance and can make plans to stay elsewhere or turn up the music in their bedroom.

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