Here are a few ways to keep your sex life fresh and active.

3 ways to find more time for sex

Whether you realize it or not, all of the things we have to do throughout the day can overtake our entire lives. Whether that means the hours you spend at the office, running your kids to and from their extracurricular activities, or making improvements around the house, it can often feel as if we have little time for anything else.

You need to be sure that your sex life does not suffer due to these tight schedules. Whenever you can, you and your significant other need to make the effort to be with each other in the bedroom, to keep things going strong between the two of you.

Here are a few tips to help you out:

  • Be spontaneous: While scheduling times out can be helpful, nothing beats spontaneity. Try having sex at times you might not have considered before, such as in the morning before work. This will be a great way to start off your day!
  • Have a date night: Pick an evening at least once a week where you will tune everything else in your life out and focus solely on your partner. If you have children, be sure to book a babysitter so you don't have to worry about any interruptions.
  • Look at your schedules: At the start of each week, you should look at your schedules and try and find time when you will both be free. While this might not be the sexiest thing in the world, it will help you look forward to those hours you can spend together.

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