Here are a few ways you can boost your sex life.

3 ways to boost your sex life

When it comes to our sex lives, there seems to be a dominant school of thought – at the beginning of the relationship, everything is new and exciting, but that feeling of intensity eventually wears off as you and your partner spend more and more time together. This is simply not the case! There are always ways that you can boost your sex life to make sure that it is both emotionally and physically satisfying for you and your significant other. By pushing your comfort zone a bit, you can get the passion back that might have escaped your activities in the bedroom.

Here are a few ways to help you have the best sex of your life:

  • Actually talk to each other: While this point might seem basic, it is hugely important. The key to a happy sex life is couples who voice their desires to each other on a regular basis. "I find one the weakest links in the bedroom, particularly for women, is not vocalizing what feels good to them," Dr. Fran Walfish told
  • Decorate your room with purple: According to a study from home design retailer, those who have purple prominently displayed in their bedrooms had the greatest number of sexual encounters each week, at four. To up the amount of time you and your partner spend between the sheets, try adding some purple to your decor.
  • Try something new: Whether it is a position you have never tried before or the incorporation of an arousal gel, you and your significant other should not be afraid to try something new in the bedroom together. Not only will this be an adventure for you physically, it can also help the two of you form a stronger emotional bond.

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