Here are a few ways married couples can kick it up in the bedroom.

3 ways for married couples to shake up their sex lives

Whether you have been married for three months or 30 years, it is always a good time to try and shake things up in the bedroom. One of the best parts of being with somebody in a long-term relationship is the comfort level you reach with each other, so you don't have to be afraid to try out a new position or technique. Even if you are having satisfying sex on a regular basis, you should still try and mix in something new every now and then to keep your sex life from becoming too repetitive or stale.

Here are a few tips for married couples looking to try something different:

  • Be spontaneous: If you are only ever having sex in the bedroom, try mixing up the location from time to time. You don't have to plan out each time you and your spouse will be in bed together, so try surprising them in the kitchen or the living room when they are least expecting it. The sense of it being unexpected will heighten the experience.
  • Dress up: Chances are, you or your significant other have a role-playing fantasy that you want to try out. The next time you hop into bed, try acting out those roles, either with a costume or just through your words.
  • Think about the past: It never hurts to fantasize when you are together, so think back on a particularly great time you two spent in bed together. Whether it was just last week or several years ago, just the memory alone will be enough to get yourself going for another fantastic experience.

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