Here are a few tips to help you successfully flirt.

3 tips to help you successfully flirt

When it comes to interacting with somebody we are romantically or physically interested in, many of us are often left not knowing what to say. If you are one of those people who has a little trouble interacting with somebody you would like to date, the good news is that there are ways you can step up your dating game. Writing a piece for The Huffington Post, psychiatrist Samantha Boardman offered her views on the ways men and women can successfully land the person they want by improving how they flirt.

Here are a few of Boardman's tips that you can put into practice:

  • Actively listen: While this might seem like an obvious point, it is important to note that you must actively be engaged with the other person in the conversation. Don't gloss over when they are talking and simply wait to interject with information about yourself. Nonverbal communication is just as important.
  • Ask questions: There is a fine line you need to walk, because you want to appear interested in the other person's life without coming across like you are interrogating them. Make sure that you ask plenty of questions about them, starting with the basics – where they are from and what they do.
  • Don't use cheesy jokes: According to Boardman, both men and women respond poorly to silly jokes or cheesy pick-up lines. While this might seem like a cute idea in the moment, it is usually best to forgo this route and simply introduce yourself and begin a normal conversation.

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