Here are a few tips for couples that want to get rough in bed.

3 tips for getting rough in bed

Don't you ever wish that your partner would toss you on the bed and do what they want with you? If it is your fantasy that your significant other take charge and call the shots in the bedroom, you are certainly not alone. Being dominated in bed is one of the most common desires among men and women, so if you are looking to bring things to the next level with your partner, getting rough is a great way to do so! As long as you are both comfortable there is nothing you can't try out.

Here are a few tips for getting rough in bed:

  • Make noise: Don't be afraid to be noisy when you are in bed together! If you really enjoy something that your partner is doing, make sure they know! What comes out of your mouth will help guide the activities and make things that much better for the both of you.
  • Set your limits: While you might be eager to try out pushing your boundaries, you will know what is and is not acceptable for you. Come up with a safe word that you can use whenever things become a little bit too much so your significant other will know when to back off.
  • Work a fantasy into it: If you partner needs some convincing, try and work in something that they really enjoy. If they like being on top, then suggest that it would be much better if they tied you up and were able to do anything they wanted. That's all they will need to hear.

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