What should you be telling your guy in bed?

3 things you should be telling your guy in bed

We all know that sex is mostly a lot of fun, but everybody faces those moments where anxiety and frustration can take over. This is especially true for couples that don't communicate effectively, which can lead to incompatibility in bed and damage the rest of the relationship.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are not really speaking up for what you really want, chances are your sex life is not as fulfilling as it could be. You can turn this all around, however, by just opening up to your significant other.

Here are a few things to tell your guy:

  • Ask what you need: The best thing that a couple can do is talk to each other about what turns them on and what prevents a good time. Your partner won't be able to read your mind, which is why you need to speak up — but he also needs to be asking the questions as well.
  • Be gentle: Chances are your body is on the sensitive side when you are fully aroused, so your partner needs to be considerate of that fact while you are in bed. Having him overdo a move or try something you don't like won't feel great and can even be a major turnoff.
  • Endurance is overrated: While you certainly don't want to be done in five minutes, you don't need to keep going at it for over an hour with no end in sight. Make sure to strike the right balance where it isn't over too fast but also isn't dragged on to the point of soreness.

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