Being too anxious can take its toll on your sex life.

3 things not to worry about in bed

Starting out in a new relationship is a mixture of fun and excitement, especially when you two decide to sleep with each other for the first time. It can often be nerve-wracking to jump into bed with somebody new, as you will have to get used to a totally new person's rhythms and desires, as well as expressing your own. You want to just focus on the moment, however, and not fill your head with anxiety that will ruin the experience for both of you. Your nights don't have to be perfect for them to be fulfilling.

Here are a few aspects not to worry about:

  • Any noises: There are going to be noises you and your partner make that neither one of you fully expect. Don't be self-conscious about any groans or moans, as it simply indicates that you are having a good time.
  • Physical imperfections: The worst thing you can do is get hung up on what you think are flaws with your body. This will take you out of the moment and not allow you to enjoy what is going on, so you need to do your best to take your mind off of any insecurities.
  • Your face: You might think that all of the attention will be on your face, but the truth is that isn't often the case. You don't have to be concerned about what your face looks like during sex, because chances are your guy is in the exact same situation.

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