Here are a few things every guy should be aware of in bed.

3 things every guy should do in bed

When it comes to having sex, many people are content to simply stay in their comfort zones. While it's certainly always good to know what you enjoy, it's also important to push your boundaries a little bit in order to have new experiences. You don't want to fall into a rut with your partner, particularly if you have been together for years. Last month, Cosmopolitan magazine put together a list of sex tips that they had gleamed from readers and experts in recent weeks. The guidelines were all about how to please the ladies in bed.

Here are a few of the ideas that the magazine suggested:

  • Compliment her: Everybody wants to feel attractive, especially before, during and after sex. Make sure that you take the time to tell her how beautiful she is and how attracted you are to her. Women should feel special and wanted before you get busy.
  • Don't be selfish: Making sure that everybody's needs are met is the key to great sex. You and your partner should both be vocal about what you want.
  • Kissing is important: Although most young men seem to think that kissing is simply going to lead to something more, there is power in the connection that forms when two people lock lips. Men should be practicing their makeout abilities so they don't approach their partners with dead lips or tongues that don't know what they are doing.

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