Here are a few reasons married sex is the best.

3 reasons to greatly enjoy married sex

When it comes to sex, the bedroom activities of married couples often get a bad rep in our culture. Television and movies often perpetuate the tired idea that being married means the end of a satisfying sex life, but the truth is nothing could be farther from reality. Married sex can be the best sex you will ever have, as long as you work to keep things fresh and fun between you and your significant other. Like every other part of your marriage, this will require your time and attention, though the results will be worth it.

Here are a few reasons why married sex is the best:

  • No self-consciousness: You don't have to worry about any first time jitters, whether about your body or skill level in bed. You and your spouse love each other deeply, which makes every time you are in bed together special.
  • Push your comfort zones: Even if you thought you'd never be the type of person to try an arousal gel or some other kind of sexual aid, you can experiment with different things during sex. You and your spouse will have a comfort level with each other that will make it possible for you to voice any unmet fantasies or desires.
  • You are familiar with the territory: The best part of married sex is that you and your partner are very aware of what the other person likes and dislikes. While you want to avoid falling into a rut with your lovemaking, knowing the territory is a great advantage to having the most fulfilling sex possible.

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