Embrace this seasonal aphrodisiac.

Your guide to all-natural aphrodisiacs: Pumpkin seeds

Fall is finally here, so it's time to prepare yourself for a few months of cozying up by the fire and finding some way to pass the hours indoors on cold and drizzly days. What better time to spice things up a bit with your spouse? As well as stocking up on your favorite warming lubricant, now is the perfect opportunity to unleash the aphrodisiac ability of some of your favorite seasonal treats.

Previously on this blog, we've talked about the blood-pumping power of hot peppers, ginger and chocolate. Today, we'll touch on another decidedly autumnal offering that can work wonders in the bedroom: pumpkin seeds. They may not sound like the sexiest of late night snacks, but trust us – enjoying some toasted pumpkin seeds as you and your loved one curl up to watch a movie is a great way to take the night in an exciting new direction.

"High in zinc, which is needed for testosterone production, pumpkin seeds are essential for the libido in both men and women," note the healthy living experts at EcoSalon. LA Weekly After Dark also touted these seeds for their zinc content, noting that low levels of this mineral can also contribute to depressive symptoms.

Even the smell of pumpkin itself has been shown to incite a boost in sexual appetite. Researchers from the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago once found that a mere whiff of pumpkin pie could improve penile blood flow for men and inspire a few R-rated thoughts for women, the Science Channel states.

Why lament the end of summer when fall presents so many opportunities to stir up some excitement? Whip up a platter of this seasonal aphrodisiac and bring out the arousing gel to really make the most of this time of year.

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