Ginger root can get your blood pumping. Let our natural lubricants do the rest.

Your guide to all-natural aphrodisiacs: Ginger

Whether you're in a burgeoning relationship, or have been with your partner for years, it never hurts to introduce new and exciting elements to spice up your sex life. As well as keeping the passion alive with organic lubricants and other arousing products, you can also get your blood pumping by serving up a platter of tried and tested aphrodisiacs. Previously on this blog, we've featured two all-natural and delicious items that can help put you and your special someone in the mood: chocolate and hot peppers. Today, we'll focus on a root that definitely has a bit of bite – ginger.

"The spicy taste of hot, fresh ginger tea will heat your body up, make your heart race and increase the heat," the healthy living website Ecosalon notes. "What more do you need to get it going?" 

The OM Times, a holistic online magazine, lists ginger root among its top five vegan-friendly aphrodisiacs, and lauds the "natural stimulant" for boosting blood flow and inspiring a sense of relief and overall well-being. As well as sipping on a cup of hot ginger tea, the news outlet suggest grating raw ginger into a delicious vegetable stir-fry or even enjoying a cocktail mixed with ginger vodka. This root also works wonders for your digestive track, so you don't have to worry about any poorly timed stomach issues spoiling the mood.

How you choose to savor this throat-tingling aphrodisiac is up to you, but don't forget you can make the most of any intimate moment with an all-natural arousing gel and a quality organic lubricant.

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