Treat yourself to rich dark chocolate and your favorite personal lubricant.

Your guide to all-natural aphrodisiacs: Chocolate

Looking for a way to ramp up your sex life? Then, in addition to introducing a fun new female lubricant to the mix, consider trying an all-natural aphrodisiac or two. Certain foods like oysters, hot peppers and even garlic – bad breath and all – have widely been touted for their ability to rev up a sleepy libido, but how much truth is there to these tales? Today, we'll begin a series on the most well-known natural aphrodisiacs and what it is about these treats that really keeps the spark alive. We'll start with a definite crowd-pleaser: Chocolate.

"Chocolate contains serotonin, a chemical that makes you happy and thus more inclined to show your partner some affection. It also has caffeine, which keeps you awake long enough to take care of business," according to the Science Channel. "But the real secret weapon in this sweet may be phenylethylamine, which is a natural neurotransmitter version of amphetamine."

But is all chocolate created equal when it comes to a bit of bed-time stimulation? EcoSalon notes that chocolate with higher concentrations of cacoa may reap the most benefits for your libido, adding that it contains the heart-healthy mineral magnesium. "A healthy heart means better circulation, and that means better sex drive," states the online resource.

The New York Times reports that chocolate's reputation as an aphrodisiac stems back to the age of the Aztecs, with some attributing this belief to the fact that this delicacy was initially very rare. Skeptics say that the arousing properties of cacoa may even be purely psychological, in that women expect this indulgence to amp up their sexual appetite. But, even it that's the case, why not play along? Treat yourself with rich dark chocolate and your favorite organic lubricant for a great, natural way to set the mood.

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