Organic eggs may contain less antibiotics.

What you get when you buy organic: Eggs

Sometimes it seems that American consumers have been in a daze, blindly buying into flawed Food Pyramids and purchasing processed foods and produce without a thought to what lies within. And it isn't entirely our fault, either. Much of this behavior has to do with trust. We, as a country, simply didn't realize that the items churned out by big-name food manufacturers may actually do more harm than good. Now, though, consumers are becoming increasingly more mindful of what they put in their bodies, which has led to a surge in vegetarianism and veganism in mainstream culture.

If you're relatively new to the world of all-natural and organic goods, you may not be as familiar with how these offerings compare with their processed counterparts. Previously on this blog, we've discussed what these labels mean when it comes to produce, meat and dairy products. Today, we'll touch on its importance when buying eggs.

"While some say organic eggs are no higher in quality than conventional eggs, opponents argue that organic eggs are still worth the splurge because they can be more nutritious and free of dangerous chemicals and antibiotics," states.

You may have the option to purchase cage-free eggs, meaning that the chickens that produced them were allowed to roam free rather than remain in restrictive encasements. cites "one study found that, when given access to a grazing pasture, chickens produced eggs with more omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, and vitamin E."  

Are you striving to protect your body from unnecessary pollutants and chemicals? If so, there are a wide array of all-natural products to choose from to meet your every need. In addition to organic produce and cosmetics, there are even natural intimate care products like arousing gel and personal lubricant available for your enjoyment.

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