What are the benefits of organic beef?

What you get when you buy organic: Beef

Exposing yourself to harsh chemicals, whether they're in your personal care products, such as female lubricant, or your food, such as the fresh green salad you've just made, can have a substantial impact on your health over time. Thankfully, while most Americans used to know very little about what actually went into these products, awareness of these issues has grown. So, too, has the number of all-natural and organic offerings now available.

But, what exactly are you paying for when you go organic? Those following the vegan or vegetarian lifestyle may already have a lot of exposure to information on good organics, but healthy foods are just as important for those who choose another way of living. Today we'll talk about what this label means in terms of one common grocery item: beef.

Recently, Health magazine tackled this question, providing an insightful guide to labels like organic, free-range and antibiotic-free.

With regard to beef, the source notes that "while organic cows must graze in pastures for at least 120 days per year, conventional cattle are typically cooped up indoors without grazing time. Some studies show that pasture feeding can result in leaner meat with higher concentrations of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids."

The healthy living website Care2 also notes that organic beef comes from animals that have been raised in healthier settings and have not been exposed to chemicals, hormones or other agents that may be a cause for concern. As a result, the food you eat is free of these substances, and so are you.

Why subject yourself to hormones, chemical additives and more when you aren't entirely sure what effect they'll have on your system? Instead, stick to organic foods, natural lubricants and toxin-free cleaning supplies to reclaim control of what your body is exposed to.

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