Here are a few ways you can use lubricant outside of the bedroom.

Uses for lubricant outside of the bedroom

Natural lubricants are a wonderful way to enhance you and your partner's pleasure during sex. Incorporating these products into your life between the sheets will help you shake things up and try new things, even if you usually have a very firm comfort zone. But in addition to improving your bedroom activities, there are plenty of other ways that lube can be used in a non-sexual setting. Though this might sound a bit strange, you should give it a try the next chance you get!

Here are a few non-traditional uses for natural lube:

  • Breaking in new sneakers: Nobody enjoys having to get used to a new pair of sneakers, which can often result in blisters on the back of your feet. To avoid this uncomfortable chafing, simply rub a bit of lubricant onto the back of the shoes to help loosen them up.
  • Loosening a doorknob: Most of us have been in the position where we cannot get into or out of a room due to a lock or doorknob that has become jammed. With lubricant on hand, however, it might just be easier to get out than you thought. "K-Y Jelly came in very handy in my office with a jammed doorknob when a patient got stuck in the bathroom," Dr. Alyssa Dweck tells
  • Skin moisturizer: Water based lubricants can actually be very good for your skin, according to experts. The lube will function the same way that a body lotion or cream would, giving your skin a nice protective coating that also makes it softer and look healthy. The next time you run out of your lotion, try the lube in your nightstand!

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