A common ingredient in sunscreen may have toxic effects

Study reveals a harmful ingredient in sunscreen and cosmetics

Though the average American consumer has become somewhat more abreast of the dangers of chemical additives long used in consumer goods, it seems that there is always more to learn. Previously on this blog, we've touched on the perils of parabens and other toxins often found in cosmetics and intimate care products, and now a new study has revealed another concern.

According to a press release distributed by ScienceDaily, researchers from the University of Luxembourg have found that a common ingredient in sunscreen and personal cosmetics may be more harmful than previously believed. While the dangers of many such additives lies in the fact that they penetrate the skin and are therefore absorbed into our systems, the chemical agent titanium dioxide has reportedly been considered safe because it remains on the surface.

However, a new study led by associate professor Francesco Turci has indicated that titanium dioxide "can cause potentially toxic effects when exposed to ultraviolet light, which is in the sun's rays and is the same kind of light that the compound is supposed to offer protection against," the source states. It may be possible, they argue, to bypass this damaging impact by using titanium dioxide in its crystallized form. Doing so, the press release notes, could prevent it from harming the top layer of the skin.

This discovery is certainly beneficial for consumers, but how long have people been using this compound with no knowledge of this effect? Often, peace of mind only comes when you know exactly what you're exposed to. Instead of buying cosmetics, personal lubricants and other toiletries with an indiscernible list of chemical ingredients, opt for all-natural versions instead.

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