Can acupuncture combat inflammation?

Is acupuncture the answer to inflammatory diseases?

There are plenty of frustrating aspects of aging, and a lot of them boil down to inflammation. Yes, swelling is a part of the body's natural defense system, but sometimes this immune response can run amok, causing more harm than good. Rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn's disease are just two examples of inflammatory ailments that can make life miserable if they aren't managed, but researchers have found a holistic approach to treatment that may provide relief.

A team of researchers recently sought to find out if acupuncture could help control the inflammatory disorder that accompanies sepsis – a violent response to bacteria that is common in intensive care units. The scientists noted that it is often the inflammation rather than the infection itself that makes sepsis so dangerous, so finding a way to manage this response could reduce rates of illness and death in hospitals. 

"The researchers already knew that stimulation of one of the body's major nerves, the vagus nerve, triggers processes in the body that reduce inflammation," a press release from Rutgers University states. "They set out to see whether a form of acupuncture that sends a small electric current through that and other nerves could reduce inflammation and organ injury."

The scientists used electroacupuncture and found that it might help curb the inflammatory response and promote survival in the face of sepsis. Lead researcher Luis Ulloa of Rutgers New Jersey Medical School also said that it could be applied to conditions with internal swelling. 

This could be an exciting discovery for anyone with an inflammatory disorder, and also goes to show how holistic and natural approaches can facilitate healthy, happy living. This is just as true for sexual intimacy, as natural lubricants and other sex aids can provide as much stimulation as chemical-laden products.

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