Here are a few kinds of lube you will encounter.

How to choose the right natural lubricant

Incorporating a natural lubricant into your bedroom activities is a great way to have more satisfying sex. But when it comes to actually choosing an arousal gel or other kind of sexual aid, the process can often be overwhelming. Not only are there a myriad of brands available for sale, there are also many different kinds of natural lube that you can buy. If you don't have any idea of what particular type you or your significant other enjoys, you can spend some time experimenting with the choices that are out there.

Here are a few common types of personal lubricants you will encounter:

  • Oil-based: While these types of lubes – such as Vaseline – are great for certain activities in the bedroom, they are not ideal for actual sex. This is because they can break down latex, which means that the protection you are using could become useless. It is best to stick with these during foreplay or other pre-sex movements.
  • Silicone lube: The main advantage of this kind of lube is how much longer it lasts compared to the water-based ones. Just be sure to use this delicately the first time, as it is not entirely uncommon for people to have some kind of reaction to the silicone in the ingredients.
  • Water based lubricant: These are the most common types that you will see in the store and online. The reason for this is simple, as they are very easy to clean up once you and your partner are done. They are formulated to be non-irritating, so you will not have an allergic reaction to them, no matter your skin type or sensitivity.

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