Bright accessories may contain lead, researchers say.

How the accent pieces you love could harm your health

Nothing takes an ensemble from dull to daring like a splash of color. However, according to research covered by The New York Times, women who gravitate toward bold accent pieces may be putting their health at risk.

"From cheerful red handbags to festive green belts, colored accessories are often mandatory for the style-conscious during the holiday season," the source states. "But what many fashionistas don't know is that many of these products may be tainted with high levels of lead."

The ongoing research into levels of lead in fashion accessories has been led by the Center for Environmental Health in California. Since 2010 – when retailers agreed to have their products tested as part of a legal settlement, scientists have noted a decline in the amount of lead in handbags and other items, but the toxic metal has yet to be eradicated completely from the industry.

Though the practice of using lead in paint has long been recognized as hazardous, lead salts are still routinely used to produce eye-catching colors in various vinyls and plastics, the newspaper notes. This can prove especially dangerous for consumers because lead tends to accumulate in our systems, so even small instances of exposure can eventually take a toll on overall health.

This report just goes to show how often consumers are kept in the dark about the products they use on a daily basis. That's why it is so important to seek out natural and organic products whenever possible to avoid the potential perils of harsh chemicals and synthetic compounds. This applies to everything from the purses you wear to the arousal gel you love, so stay on the lookout for all natural lubricants to enjoy yourself risk-free!

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