Snacking on apples really might improve your health.

How an apple a day may really keep the doctor away

There are plenty of physical and emotional changes to contend with as you get older, from occasional lapses in memory and a slightly creakier gait to vaginal dryness and a drop in libido. Thankfully, though, there are plenty of steps you can take in your daily life to counter or even prevent these developments. Recently, a team of U.K. researchers decided to analyze a common refrain – "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" – to see how much this simple act really can enhance your health over time.

According to a press release from the British Medical Journal, the saying originated as a public health message in Victorian England, and while other pieces of medical advice from that era have been largely panned (leeches, anyone?), it seems this saying really does hold true. The researchers discovered that people who are 50 years or older actually could benefit from eating an apple every day. Why? Because doing so could replicate the protective effects of a common cholesterol medication.

Individuals who ate apples regularly saw similar benefits for their cholesterol and overall heart health as those who took a statin a day. This led researchers to conclude that eating this fruit regularly could enhance overall health among older adults and reduce the risk of fatal heart complications. The researchers also noted that this approach could help avoid common side effects associated with cholesterol medications.

"This study shows that small dietary changes as well as increased use of statins at a population level may significantly reduce vascular mortality," the authors said in the press release.

This is hardly the first study to tout the benefits of natural ingredients. Every day, we seem to discover new ways to harness the power of fruits, vegetables, herbs and more to enrich our lives and even boost sexual intimacy. Keep checking this blog to discover new ways to improve your health and rev up your sex life with all-natural ingredients.

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