There is nothing sexy about sneezing.

Get a little closer thanks to these natural immune boosters

Few things can spoil the mood faster than a mean case of sneezing and sniffling. Even if the arousing gel is ready to go, when you or your partner don't feel at your best, the last thing you want is to snuggle up with a loved one for a bit of physical intimacy. Now that fall is here, you have to be extra vigilant about proper nutrition if you don't want a nasty cold or flu to cramp your style. Thankfully, there are plenty of natural ingredients you can turn to for a protective immune boost.

TV personality and health guru Dr. Oz shared just a few delicious foods that pack a serious punch when it comes to keeping germs and viruses at bay. If you're a fan of fungi, Dr. Oz notes that Japanese mushrooms can work wonders. 

"They are […] loaded with ergothioneine, a powerful antioxidant, that does not get destroyed during the cooking process," according to the Dr. Oz website. 

In addition, a recent study from Oregon State University revealed that, out of more than 400 natural compounds with potential immune-boosting abilities, the nutrients found in red grapes and blueberries produced the most notable effects on our ability to overcome illness. Working with vitamin D, which can be derived from sunlight, these compounds reportedly stimulated the expression of essential immune cells.

Of course, orange juice is another well-known standby to help your body eradicate viruses and bacteria – just make sure the option you select isn't loaded with more sugar and preservatives than actual nutrients.

By fortifying your immune system with these foods, you may be able to make the most out of your personal lubricant during the cool months of fall and winter!

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