Natural Moisturizing Lubricant Reviews

Stephanie’s Sweet Life “…aloe based latex friendly product I love… and works really well.”
Living the Good Life “A little bit went a long way and now I feel sexy again.”
Eastside Bride  “…the only personal lubricant… that is a) sufficiently slippery and b) totally gentle.”
Ecofabulous “personally pleased… not only moisturizes but also, ahem….motivates”
Exploring Intimacy w/Dr. Ruthie: “… an excellent lube for more day-to-day lube usage”
Joan Price  “…slick but not too slick, long lasting, never got tacky. Very nice indeed.”
Sexologist Vixene  “My Favorite Lubes!   Blossom Organics”
Pocket RockettZ “It feels natural. If you want the natural girl lube feeling I give this stuff an A+”
Shanna Katz, M.Ed “What Lubes are ACTUALLY Vegan? …Blossom Organics are vegan”
Vegan Beauty Review ”…I can’t stress how simple and natural these ingredients are…”
Buzz on Vibes “it feels so natural, almost soothing…”
Woman Tribune “I was impressed by the amount of moisturizing going on…”
Veronica Unleashed (Part 1) “…this is the lube to own… I finally found YOU! YAY!”
Kate’s Reviews “Blossom Organics is the hot new name in lube.”
True Pleasures “It’s a wonderful lubricant, and I feel safe using it.“
Autumn Rain “If you are looking for an awesome lube…”
Femenina Deliciosa “…easily receives the Femenina Deliciosa Hot Product rating. Bravo!”
amy & kim: in conversation “It has a medium consistency and good lasting power…”
Curious Nicky “This will now be my lube of choice…”
Firekitten “It is gentle, long lasting, and very natural feeling.”
Lucid Obsession “Natural Moisturizing Lubricant… I do find that it feels nice…”
Naughty Snow White “This lubricant received a 4 apple rating for elegance and class.”