Oxytocin can do some truly incredible things for your brain, so reach for your favorite vaginal lube.

You won’t believe how much the “love hormone” can do

We've already mentioned oxytocin a few times on this blog, thanks to its ability to lift your spirits, boost your immune system and even help handle stress. But it seems the benefits of this feel-good "love hormone" don't stop there. Researchers from the New York University Langone Medical Center have just discovered that oxytocin may even improve how your brain processes information.

"Oxytocin has a remarkable effect on the passage of information through the brain. It not only quiets background activity, but also increases the accuracy of stimulated impulse firing," explained Neuroscience Institute director Richard Tsien, DPhil, in a press release.

While Tsien and his colleagues specifically focused on how this discovery could help with neurological conditions, that's not to say that women everywhere can't benefit from a post-coital brain boost. Oxytocin is the hormone your body releases after an orgasm, and this new study certainly adds to the list of reasons to find a personal lubricant that really enhances your experience.

That tell-tale flood of this agent has also been shown to promote that warm coupley feeling that really makes those intimate moments more memorable. And would you believe there's more? The online news outlet io9 has dubbed oxytocin "the most amazing molecule in the world" because it enhances the body's healing process, boosts weight losses and even affects how comfortable you feel with yourself and around complete strangers. With that in mind, this hormone definitely deserves its title, so grab your favorite natural lubricant and start reaping its benefits.

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