Your bed should be a work-free zone.

What do you use your bed for?

In theory, your bed should be the place where you lay your weary head after a long day of work – or whip out the sexual lubricants for some one-on-one time with your partner. However, between working remotely and fueling a Netflix addiction, chances are you may use this intimate space for more activities than you should. Who among us hasn't snuggled under the covers and proceeded to surf the web or take care of just one last email from their laptop?

Recently, Lauren Conrad of "The Hills" fame talked to Allure Magazine about her bedroom decor, emphasizing that she wanted this space to be a calming refuge from daily stresses

"Your bed is for sleep and sex," Conrad told the source, adding that she was trying to stop taking her work to bed with her.  

Conrad makes an excellent point, especially for anyone who has trouble falling asleep or getting hot and bothered in their boudoir. Once this area is devoted to mundane or stressful activities as well as its primary functions, it's all too easy to make mental connections without even realizing it. After all, how can you make the most of your favorite warming lubricant when you associate your bedroom with spreadsheets instead of bedsheets? 

If you're looking for a way to revamp your sex life, consider striking a deal with your spouse to make your bedroom a no-work zone. Try to limit the time you spend on mobile devices in this space and instead dedicate your time to each other or yourselves. After you've reclaimed your bed in the name of sex and slumber, you may find yourself getting excited the moment you cross the threshold!

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