Vegan meals can be just as delicious and satisfying as their meat-laden counterparts.

Tips for going vegan

We've all heard it: A vegan diet can be good for your health. Americans rely on an overabundance of animal protein, and the vegan diet aims to counteract that source of saturated fat and overall badness for your digestive system with a healthy, natural alternative.

But even if you're ready to make the jump into veganism, you may not know exactly where to start. After all, it's very important that vegans adequately replace the nutrients they lose when they stop eating meat and dairy products – most specifically, protein. We've compiled a few helpful pointers for those just starting out on this path to whole body wellness:

  • Don't forget the fat. It may seem silly, but our bodies rely on fat for energy. Avocados and nuts are two delicious sources of healthy fat that should definitely be on your new vegan menu.
  • Start by making vegan versions of your favorite meals. You'll find out very quickly that many staples of American cuisine can easily be adapted to the vegan diet. Have some fun in the kitchen discovering how delicious a vegan pot roast can be!
  • Focus on the essentials. Veggies and whole grains, not seitan or tofu products, should be your go-to foodstuffs. Overreliance on soy can increase your estrogen levels, and not in a good way. Farro, oatmeal, quinoa and other yummy grains will keep you full without these risks. Make sure to include plenty of leafy greens, too!

Be sure you've properly researched the components of a vegan diet before delving in, so that you are getting all of the essential nutrients and vitamins your body needs. You might even find that your new diet (and increased energy) have you rearing to go in the bedroom! To get your newfound passion going, try one of Blossom Organics' all natural lubricants – we never use harsh chemicals in our sex aids.

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