Incorporate Mediterranean elements in your diet.

How the Mediterranean diet helps you feel good all over

With rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease at an alarming high, it's clear that Americans need to revisit many of the lifestyle choices they make each day – particularly with regard to food. Ample studies have shown that, in contrast to the typical U.S. diet, which contains a fair amount of sodium and saturated fat and surprisingly little fresh whole foods, the dishes savored in the Mediterranean are rich in delectable produce, nuts, fish and olive oil.  This difference in culinary style has had an incredible impact on the health concerns faced by the general population, and a string of recent studies have shed light on just a few.

Combating Alzheimer's disease 

Alzheimer's disease affects about one in eight older Americans according to the Alzheimer's Association, but new research published in the medical journal Epidemiology has indicated that partaking in a Mediterranean diet may help counter this risk and ward off cognitive decline over time.

Combating heart conditions 

Heart disease affects millions of Americans, and a long-term Spanish study entitle PREDIMED has indicated that the Mediterranean diet may be even more beneficial than standard low-fat fare when it comes to moderating blood pressure and ultimately improving heart health. 

And, as if these benefits weren't enough, it turns out that the Mediterranean diet could even bring on a boost in libido as well. The Happy Wives Clubs recommends a delectable bowl of Cold Almond and Garlic Soup with Figs and Marcona Almonds to get sparks flying, adding that "the Mediterranean diet isn't thought to be the sexiest diet in the world for no reason. This soup boasts three aphrodisiac ingredients – used often in Mediterranean diets – in one bowl. Jackpot."

As well as incorporating a few Mediterranean elements into your culinary regimen, you can capitalize on the power of Mother Earth even more by introducing a new natural lubricants and other intimate care products to your routine. 

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