There are plenty of ways to enhance your pleasure in the bedroom.

Exercise your way to satisfaction: The lunge

Even if you and your partner are incredibly compatible in the bedroom, it never hurts to seek out ways to make your time between the sheets that much more satisfying. Plus, exploring your options in terms of water based lubricant and other sex aids can just be plain fun!

But, have you have considered the actions you can take outside of the bedroom that could help enhance your sexual satisfaction? Targeted exercises are a great way to get your body nice and limber – and you may well feel the results the next time you and your loved one get intimate.

No, we're not talking about Kegels – though those can definitely work wonders. This time, we mean everyday exercises you may do at the gym that could have surprising benefits for your sex life as well.

Women's Health Magazine featured a few of these moves in their "Big Book of Sex," and you'll be amazed at how easy they are to work into your regular routine. We'll be covering a few of these moves in the coming weeks, but let's start at the beginning.

It's well known that traditional lunges can help tone your backside and thighs, but when you opt for a low side-to-side motion instead, you may enjoy another benefit.

"Lunges boost flexibility, so he'll be able to find your G-spot in almost any position," the source states.

Simply stand with your feet spread about two shoulder widths apart. Bend slightly at the waist then shift your body weight to one leg, lowering yourself by bending at the knee and dropping your hips. Repeat this with the other leg for a stretch that will really get things hot and heavy later!

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