One professional swimmer has shown you can succeed whatever your age.

Diana Nyad shows life can begin at 60

Do you ever worry that your best years are behind you? Or that you simply don't have the lust for life – among other things – that you did when you were younger? It's undeniable that we live in a world obsessed with youth, but that doesn't mean older women have to sit on the sidelines in any aspect of life. What better example of the power of woman than the extraordinary feat of Diana Nyad, the 64-year-old American swimmer who recently became the first person to make the 110-mile journey from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage?

Nyad had reportedly attempted the trek four times before. She tried once as a 28-year-old and three times after her 60th birthday. But, on September 2, she finally accomplished her long-time goal.

In an interview with CBS, Nyad expressed her gratitude for the hundreds of men and women who flocked to the Key West beach to celebrate her arrival, noting that it wasn't a passion for the sport that drew them.

"Those are human beings who want to witness the living out of that message, never, ever give up. And find a way. … And my age, they're looking at me as a baby boomer, saying life is not over at this age by any means. So I'm more of, shall we say, [a] human spirit story than I am a sports story," she said.

So, what can you learn from Nyad's determination? Simply that it is always in your power to change your life for the better – to take control of your own happiness. Whether that means finding a new hobby, finally getting into shape or reigniting the spark in your relationship with arousing gel and other natural lubricants, you can find a way to live your life to the fullest.

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