Pinching your ear may boost energy and even get you excited.

Can this mini-massage really boost your energy?

If you constantly feel like you're running on empty, it can start to take a substantial toll on your relationships – particularly where physical intimacy is concerned. Despite the fact that getting up close and personal with your partner has been shown to combat stress and boost mood, water based lubricant is probably the last thing on your mind after a day of pushing papers or rallying little ones. However, there is a simple trick you can try that has been shown to spur your energy levels – and it may just help get you excited as well.

Recently, Prevention Magazine listed a mini ear-massage as a simple, subtle way to enjoy a little jolt in energy, and a few other things. In an interview with the source, internist and fatigue specialist Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum noted that we are all too quick to turn to caffeine-based stimulants when healthier and less addictive remedies will do. He explained, for example, that merely pinching the outside rim of your ears may be enough to give your whole body a boost, thanks to the concentration of energy pathways or "acupressure meridians" in this area.

"Massaging the ear unites all of the meridians, and gets the energy flowing," said Dr. Teitelbaum.

As well as igniting your acupressure meridians, rubbing your ears – or those of your partner – just so could have another considerable benefits. Ears, after all, have been found to be erogenous zones for men and women alike, so a simple rub could be all you need to get things going in the bedroom. Then, you can let your favorite arousal gel get to work!

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