Here are a few ways to have a happy retirement.

3 ways for a fulfilling retirement

If you have recently retired from your job, you are entering into a new, exciting phase of your life! Now you will have all of the time in the world to enjoy the things that you want to do but might have had to put off due to the demands of your career and financial situation.

Retirement is freedom for many people, freedom to decide how you spend your day and who you spend it with. A happy retirement is more than just the money you have saved, it's about your entire way of life. Recently, Forbes reported on a survey that asked 1,400 retirees around the country what makes for a great retirement.

Here are a few of the popular responses:

  • Have enough sex: Even though you are getting older, that doesn't mean you should be neglecting your time in the bedroom. Couples who have sex more frequently have higher levels of happiness in their marriage, so this should not change simply because you've reached retirement age. Keep things alive between the sheets!
  • Maintain close ties: Your friends should continue to be a priority in your life even after you retire. Having others around you to spend time with will make the days more enjoyable.
  • Stay active: Going to work everyday gives people a sense of purpose, which you can lose after leaving the working world behind. Don't just spend all of your time lying around at home. Get out anyway you can – volunteer, indulge in your favorite hobby, go out with friends. Being an active participant in life will make you happy.

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