A personal trainer in New York City has devised a workout that he claims will pump you up in the bedroom.

Want to beef up your bedroom experience and burn some calories too? Sexercise could be the answer

We've often mentioned that working out can increase your libido and help get you raring to go in the bedroom, but now one personal trainer in New York City has taken that concept to the next level with a specially designed class he calls "sexercise."

Jason Rosell was recently interviewed by the New York Daily News about his ingenious workout, which runs for 32 minutes and includes all the right exercises to pump up your muscles and boost your longevity in the bedroom, from squats to Kama Sutra-infused crunches.

In his interview, Rosell hit upon one of the fundamental catch-22s facing many longtime couples when it comes to the bedroom: "Everyone loves to have sex — and it's a great workout when done right — but not everyone likes to work out."

Women's Health magazine also covered this hot and heavy story, but were a bit more skeptical as to sexercise's particular benefits. Contributor Kate Moriarty noted that many forms of exercise can boost libido, and plain old cardio can increase endurance in the bedroom.

But just like everyone has a particular turn-on button, maybe Rosell has hit a nerve. Who knows, maybe a sexy workout would get your gears going before a cozy night in with your special someone. We won't knock it 'til we try it.

If you're looking to kick it up a notch in the bedroom this winter, try some of Rosell's tips, and make sure to stock up on our natural lubricants and massage oils for an extra good time!

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